At ASB Pro, we have over 50 years’ experience of helping ASB victims just like you.

We pride ourselves on providing a highly professional, empathic, accessible, fully bespoke and 100% confidential service to our clients.

Our strong belief in our service is bolstered by the sterling reviews we regularly receive from our esteemed clients.

A selection of these reviews and testimonials is given below.

To protect the identities of our clients, we have substituted their real names with the names of characters from the James Bond series of films. Everything else remains unaltered:

Dog fouling in London

“I am an elderly lady and a neighbour’s dog was constantly messing in my front garden. I’d contacted the Council and they had done nothing. One letter from Josh at ASB Pro and everything was sorted – I never saw that dog again!”

  • Miss Moneypenny

Youth ASB in Manchester

“I was being plagued by groups of yobs outside my home every day. Josh was so kind and he gave me so much support; he gave me the strength to finally seek help for the depression and PTSD I was suffering from.

Whilst I was recovering, he worked tirelessly in the background to mobilise the police, the local council and local youth support and offending teams to target the groups of yobs and break them up. I’ve now had several months of complete peace and finally feel I’m now getting back to the old me. I’m also so grateful that Josh kept his promise of keeping my identity completely secret throughout the whole process – his expertise and approach is unmatched and I commend him unreservedly to you”.

  • Felix Leiter

Noisy neighbour / noise nuisance / neighbour dispute in Birmingham

“I hadn’t slept for a week because of the noise from my ****ing neighbour. No one had done anything to help me and I was absolutely despairing whether I was going to lose my mind, my job or my house first.

One phone call to Josh and he immediately started restoring peace. He confirmed that the Council and the Police wouldn’t do anything to help me and immediately started targeting my neighbour with letters and legal interventions. Josh was preparing to take my neighbour to Court when she finally saw sense and changed her behaviour of her own volition. I was able to have a full night’s sleep for the first time in ages and my sanity and self-control started coming back. I’ve now had a year of complete peace and can’t thank ASB Pro enough!”

  • Vesper Lynd

Drug dealing and drug misuse in Edinburgh

“What most struck me was the very high level of expertise and the very impressive qualifications that Josh, James and Jack brought to my case. They immediately put me at my ease and I really felt I could open up to them. It was only when I started talking to them that I realised how badly the drug dealing and drug misuse that had been going on for years outside my flat had affected me and my family.

They immediately implemented a support plan for me and began working to eradicate the drug issue. My family and I now feel completely safe in our home and we go out whenever we want without any fear – it’s like ASB Pro gave us a brand new life! And they kept us 100% anonymous throughout the whole process so we have nothing to fear.”

  • Dr No

Verbal abuse / threatening behaviour / drug dealing in Bristol

“Reading these client testimonials, I was struck by how many positive results ASB Pro had achieved. I was being targeted by constant verbal abuse and threatening behaviour by drug dealers who were openly dealing outside my flat. I couldn’t help going past these dealers as I went to and from my flat and so had become a complete recluse, hiding in my flat out of fear. I never went out and felt like a prisoner in my own home but I didn’t want to become another stabbing statistic or acid attack victim.

I contacted Josh and he immediately realised the danger I was in. He implemented a safeguarding protection plan for me and, with my consent, made referrals for me to several support agencies. He then rallied the relevant agencies to start taking action against the drug dealers. He even got the Police to deploy their dog canine units and the Territorial Support Group (the heavily armoured cops you see during riots). Within a week, the drug dealers were completely gone and they never came back as Josh issued them all with injunctions banning them from the area. He did all this while keeping his promise of keeping me completely 100% anonymous. And he kept me constantly updated – ASB Pro is so accessible, they always responded to my queries very quickly.

I finally left my flat for the first time in months. I sometimes see some of the ex-dealers as I walk around but I have nothing to fear from them as they have no idea it was me who called ASB Pro on them. Josh even followed up with the support agencies he had referred me to to check they were helping me. My life has completely changed and I’m so happy to no longer be a recluse hiding in fear”.

  • Le Chiffre

Aggressive begging / threats / intimidating behaviour / human trafficking / modern slavery / gang activity in Nottingham

“I ended up crying in my first phone call to ASB Pro – Josh was so kind and compassionate and understanding. I was being persistently targeted by a gang of aggressive beggars every time I left my home. They had harassed and intimidated me into giving them much more money than I could afford – and they still wanted more! I couldn’t even leave my house to do my weekly shop or visit my friends.

On my first phone call, Josh outlined a comprehensive plan tailored to me and immediately began targeting the beggars. It transpired that they were victims of human trafficking and modern slavery and that was why they were so aggressive in their begging – they were being threatened by organised gangs. Josh got them the help they needed and I was really proud I had identified this terrible problem and helped these poor people and improved my community. I now leave my house whenever I like – it feels wonderful to have my freedom back!”

  • Madeleine Swann

Drug misuse / injecting / needles / defecation in Glasgow

“A group of drug users were regularly injecting in the communal area outside my flat. Every day, I had to walk through needles, burned foil and poo! I was terrified my young kids would prick themselves on a needle or be attacked by one of the drug users.

I got together with my neighbours and we contacted ASB Pro. Jack immediately ensured cleaners attended every day to clear the needles and other stuff so my family were at least safe from that.

He then targeted and identified the drug users and issued them with notices banning them from my building. It’s been months with no problems now and we’re all delighted we’ve got our building back!”

  • Honey Ryder

Youth ASB / drug misuse / laughing gas inhalation / littering / dangerous dogs / dog fouling / youth at risk / youth violence / knife crime in Leeds

“Our local park was a no-go area; no one went there except yobs who hung out there inhaling laughing gas from balloons and ‘training’ their dogs to be more dangerous and aggressive.

Even once they’d left, the park was littered with silver gas cannisters, alcohol bottles, dog poo and other things that were too dangerous for me to let my young children play in the park. I also saw young kids inhaling the laughing gas and I was really worried because I’d read online that the gas could kill them. 

The situation was getting out of control; we were all worried the yobs were getting more aggressive and carrying knives. We were also terrified of being attacked and killed by one of the yobs’ dangerous dogs. One call to ASB Pro and Josh and James immediately started working on the case. 

The next thing we knew, the yobs were being identified and getting kicked out of the park by the local police. God knows we’d reported these yobs to the police hundreds of times but they’d done nothing; I don’t know how Josh got them to finally do their jobs! Josh issued all the yobs with notices banning them from the park and is in the process of implementing a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to ensure the park stays safe. Our community has got our park back and we all take our kids there every day; I’m so happy I called ASB Pro and helped our community”.

  • Jinx Johnson

Street drinking / drug misuse / graffiti / dangerous driving / alcohol abuse / public drunkenness / public urination / businesses being affected by ASB in Liverpool

“Our town centre had become a warzone with street drinkers, drug users, graffiti, cars racing through the streets and drunk people peeing everywhere. I was so worried about my business on the high street; everyone was too scared to come to the town centre and I wasn’t getting any customers. I was on the verge of bankruptcy. 

I contacted some other local businesses and we called ASB Pro. James took the case on and he was so sympathetic and understanding. He immediately chaired a multi-agency meeting and deployed the police, drug and alcohol support teams, youth diversion teams and many other agencies and he even persuaded the local council to install traffic-calming measures to stop the speeding cars. 

We noticed an immediate impact – we were no longer seeing groups of street drinkers and drug users, people weren’t peeing everywhere and peace had been restored to our streets. People felt safe again coming to the town centre and our businesses started making profit again. We are so grateful to James and ASB Pro!”  

  • Bill Tanner

Improper disposal of rubbish by business in Sheffield

“A local business was illegally dumping their rubbish on our high street and causing a huge mess every day. One phone call to ASB Pro and the business was fined and ordered to take out a contract to dispose of its waste properly. No more rubbish on our high street!”

  • Mr Jaws

Fly tipping in Devon

“People were constantly fly tipping at a spot in our beautiful countryside. I called ASB Pro and they started working with the Council to fine offenders. Word soon spread and the flytipping stopped – great job ASB Pro!”

  • Franz Oberhauser

Prostitution / sex working / drug misuse / needles / littering / human trafficking / modern slavery in Cardiff

“Prostitutes were touting for business in a park next to my house. I was constantly finding used condoms, needles, soiled underwear and other horrible things in my garden and I couldn’t even let my children play in my own garden. I finally reached my limit when sex workers started bringing their punters into my garden to do their business.

I got in touch with ASB Pro and Josh and James identified that these sex workers were victims of human trafficking. They immediately chaired a multi-agency meeting and deployed a plethora of enforcement and support agencies in the area. The prostitutes and their punters disappeared almost overnight and Josh informed me that the vast majority of them were receiving the support they desperately needed. I was so happy to make a difference in their lives and to transform my community”.

  • Wai Lin