We can deliver fully tailored training to you and your staff.
We collaborate with you from the very beginning on a truly bespoke syllabus based on your organisation’s unique requirements and we provide the latest insights on cutting-edge ASB powers and enforcement tools.
We can also draft and advise you on implementing key policies and procedures to respond to ASB issues and safeguard your organisation and your staff. 
Our training is delivered by our CEO Josh Nathan. Josh has been delivering ASB training for over 20 years. He is fully certified by The British Government, The Police, Cambridge University and ‘Tutoring Standards’, the only Tutoring Body that assesses and awards qualifications in the practice of one-to-one teaching. He is also rated as a ‘Super Tutor’ by students on 
Josh is a Postgraduate from The University of Cambridge – his qualification is, in Cambridge University’s own words, “the gold standard teaching qualification”. 
For 15 years, Josh helmed an elite task force dedicated to eliminating ASB in London and deterring, disrupting and destroying organised crime networks involved in human trafficking, modern slavery, drug dealing, weapon supply, youth violence, knife crime and acid attacks. He lectures frequently on youth violence, youth culture, ASB issues and the latest powers and enforcement tools to combat ASB and environmental crime. 
He was headhunted by Oxford University for his expertise and reputation. Oxford has entrusted him with the honour of sculpting the next iterations of their globally-revered Undergraduate Courses. Each course is a worldwide beacon of academic brilliance and each syllabus he oversees is continually evolving to encapsulate the zenith of the latest scholarly insights and methodology.
He has also been invited by Cambridge Professors to write a paper on the criminal justice system. Josh is currently in the process of becoming a Judge.